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Plans Underway for New Mill at Maysville, GA
Published in the Athens Banner, January 16, 1927

Webmaster's Note

Although proposed, this mill was never built--probably since the Great Depression occurred in 1929.

A public meeting was held in Maysville, Ga., recently for the purpose of doing necessary preliminary work, looking to the early construction of a modern and strictly up to date cotton mill at that place. Committees were appointed for the purpose of locating a site on which to build this cotton mill, also for receiving subscriptions, etc., etc., looking to the early construction of this mill.

It is proposed by the men who are at the head of this movement to erect a mill of 5,000 spindles and 160, 40-inch automatic sheeting looms. Dr. L. G. Hardman of Commerce, Ga., is the president and principal owner of the Hurricane Shoals Nacoochee Hydro-electric Plant near Maysville, Ga., recently constructed by him, which plant generates 275 horsepower and is now furnishing Maysville with electric lights and power; and it is the purpose of the people behind the movement for the construction of the cotton mill to obtain their power from this plant for the operation of this mill.

The manufacturers of the East are waking up to the fact that it is now necessary in order for them to successfully compete with Southern mill men to move their mill plants to the South where labor and living expenses are not only better but cheaper and in casting their eyes over the field for mill plant sites no more inviting field can be found in any of the Southern states than in Georgia, which has recently gone on record as opposing big bond issues and which stands for low taxation and the enforcement of law and order, within her bounds.


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